Nature’s Song

Nature’s Song

My favorite place here at camp is Barber’s Cliff.  I like to go sit and just listen to the world.  At first I am met by silence as nature is responding to the fact that I have invaded her space.  The animals are guardedly curious about me so they stay silent.  My patience and silence is rewarded after about a minute with sounds.  The wind if if is blowing provides a gentle beat as it moves through the leaves on the trees.  The birds begin to sing again when they realize I am not a threat.  It is amazing to think of all the different types of birds in such a small area.  I know there are many based on the variety of songs I hear.  If I am patient enough, I may hear a small animal scurrying by or even chewing on something near to where I am sitting.  It is great to be invited in to nature’s song.


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