Cubs win secured, going on to game 7

Cubs win secured, going on to game 7

The World Series is over and many records were tied or shattered by the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs.  In my opinion the clincher for the Cubs winning the World Series was a record which was tied in game six–most RBI’s for a single game.

During game six, it was all Chicago Cubs.  They went through the Cleveland batting order many times keeping them from scoring many points.  The Cubs bats were hot and runs were scored.

Bottom of the sixth inning comes along.  Josh Tomlin loads up the bases, and the Cleveland Manager decides to pull Tomlin and replace him with Dan Otero.  Addison Russell is the batter for the Cubs.  In the first inning, Russell had hit a pop fly to the right center field which fell between two players.  As they worked to recover two runs scored for the Cubs.

Back to the sixth inning,  Otero throws two balls to Russell.  On the third pitch, Russell hits a ball that soars over 400 feet.  With the bases loaded, Russell adds an additional 4 runs to his previous 2 RBI’s given him a record tying 6 RBI’s, and clinching the game.


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